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December 2011

Hauling power made in China

Ziyang/China. The Chinese locomotive facility `CSR Ziyang´ is currently building a new series of extra-powerful freight locomotives for the Australian transport company SCT Logistics (SCT = Special Containerized Transport). The locomotives will be powered by Type 20V 4000 rail engines with their previous power output increased from 2,700 to 3,000 kW (at 1,800 rpm). In total, ten of these locomotives are earmarked to haul iron ore trains operating between the iron ore mine in Coober Pedy and the port of Port Augusta.

The first of the locomotives was commissioned in Ziyang in August and five more are scheduled to follow by the end of 2011 prior to shipping to Australia. Two further locomotives will also be supplied to the Bradken company for the transport of iron ore. MTU technicians from the Suzhou location will be providing support during installation of the engines at CSR Ziyang. And the assignment will be coordinated by Helmut Gührer, Technical Manager at MTU Hong Kong. "During installation of the engines, our primary concern will be to ensure that the interfaces between engine and locomotive are properly implemented," said Helmut Gührer. (sto)

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